Tuesday, September 24, 2013


1. Breakfast at Kiss the Barista/2. Having trouble choosing a flavour of gelato/3. Cake pops made for my birthday/4. Red velvet cupcake by my friend from cups, cakes & tiers/5. Making my own mud cake batter/6. Nutella cupcakes from El Evento/7. More red velvet/8. Afternoon tea at Laduree 9. Macaron from Coco Noir/10. Rainbow selection of macarons from Zumbo Patisserie 11. Pearl gumballs/12. Christmas cupcakes by Issy's cakes/13 & 14. Chocolate dips from Max Brenner/15. Giant chocolate freckles from Styled 'n' sweet events/16. Breakfast muesli at Madame Fling Flong/17. Zumbarons & sweet hot chocolate/18. Mini lemon meringue/19. Our made up dessert of ice cream  banana & chocolate fudge sauce/20 & 21. Fresh fruit salad/22. Nutella milkshake (recipe here)/23 & 24. Always with a side of churros at Rosebud Restaurant & San Churro/25. Nutella toast for breakfast (I clearly love nutella)/26. Caramel sweets & fruits/27. Fruit salad & rich Greek yogurt/28. Muesli & yogurt/29. Macarons from New York Patisserie  30. Homemade chocolate & walnut cake/31 & 32. Strawberry, paw-paw & pear fruit salad. 

So there's something I must admit; I have a slight [code for: very extreme] sweet tooth. When the topic of my Instagram profile comes up in conversation it's always followed by questions of all the sweet treats I post up on there! I've always been a fan of taking photos of yummy food. Heck, my friends know now not to even touch their food before I've taken a photo! So I thought I would post a short but sweet (ha, get it?) post on where I get my usual treats or how I make them.
"That it will never come again is what makes life sweet."

Photos by me via @theshara Instagram

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