Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 Vintage neon swimsuit (similar here) | Vintage leather pencil skirt (similar here) | Sportsgirl  heels (similar here) | Dotti rose gold chain (similar here)

I remember Nonny & I shot this early in the year-right in the heat of Summer. The idea of shooting with a splice in my hand (to match the swimsuit of course) melted almost instantly & dripped all over my leather pencil skirt which was held together by bulldog clips as it wasn't yet altered to my size. *catching my breath*
Turns out-extremely unfortunately yet there's always a bright side-that Nonny's laptop was stolen from her, along with all the photos we had shot that day!
The bright side is that when she came to Sydney the second time, it gave us an opportunity to re-shoot at a much cooler temperature with more time & an altered leather skirt. #cheerstothat

Photos by Nonny Bulle


  1. Your outfit look amazing (: xx it's like so chic and elegant! Love it!! Do you mind if e follow each other ? (: do let me know on my blog!!


  2. This is such a lovely post! I'm in love with that necklace.