Thursday, August 16, 2012


 We were so excited (even though we had to wake up early) one morning when we heard that one of our family members had hired a bus for the whole day to take us around some parts of Mauritius!
We started the tour by travelling to the Buddhists sacred lake. It was quite foggy & we couldn't see much but the whole reason I came out in the first place was to try & spot some monkeys! Apparently they take the sacrificed fruit from the altars in the afternoon & eat them! Across the mountain was a waterfall lookout & rare birds whose tails are longer than themselves!
Then we travelled to the 7 colours of the earth, where there really are 7 colours! (we took the time & counted) Talking about taking time, in this nature park there was a tortoise habitat- they were as cute as a button & so were the little white crabs scuttling across the beach where we stopped for a picnic lunch. Right next to that beach, there is a mountain (pictured) that's named Mourn Mountain. Legend goes that back in the time of the French colonies, African slaves escaped & hid up in that mountain for weeks. The French soldiers realised they were hiding up there & went after them, only to find they had jumped off the mountain in order to get away.
We then witnessed a gorgeous sunset on the most popular beach, Flic en Flac. I loved that the sun peeked from under the dark clouds. Oh how I love sunsets in general.

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