Monday, July 2, 2012

InstaLife: June.

 1. My new mug says so much about me//2. Cake pops-slightly obsessed with them!//3. Red velvet cupcake//4. Gracing a wig-modeling for the O&M hair show//5. Mini lemon meringue pie// 6. Milkmaid braids on our model for Skinny Chili new arrivals//7. Brunch at one of my favourite cafes//8. Details of an up & coming outfit post//9. Gorgeous Winter sunset//10. Planning outfits for our holiday//11. Jetting off...

 I know I usually do my monthly Instagram post right at the end of that same month, but since travelling to Mauritius we've had no free time! Which is good, as we've had plenty chances everyday to be exploring the island. 
Since the first day of arrival, every morning without a doubt, I am woken by either barking dogs (I've never seen so many strays) crowing roosters (they also roam the streets freely) or neighbours playing their reggae music extremely loud. At the moment it is Winter here, but there hasn't been a day where I haven't been wearing the good ol' shorts & t-shirt combo. Traffic is crazy here-I don't know where so many cars come from! The streets are very narrow but everything you need is close. 
I'm loving the beaches, visiting family, the sights, the smells-the streets smell of food & there's nothing that I haven't eaten that I haven't liked!
I can't wait to show you my future posts of all the places we've visited so far & there will be plenty more to come as I'm quite the typical tourist taking a hundred photos every where I go.

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  1. Love the friends ring!