Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Natural Life Wallets.

First of all, I would like to wish all readers a Happy New Year! Prepare yourself for much more this year within the Skinny Chili store. Hopefully this year I'll have much more time to be putting up new collections & sourcing much more rare & designer vintage pieces.
I'll still also be bringing in more brand new accessories, such as these gorgeous wallets, which have literally been flying out the door as soon as I started selling them on eBay at the end of last year.
I will keep updating the designs that are available (as some of them have already run out) so keep an eye out on this listing.
They come in many different colours & kitch designs with sayings such as: let it be, be happy, be free & peace.
As I own one of these beautiful wallets, I have to say that they are well worth the purchase. I find mine extremely durable, as I tend to over-stuff my wallets with useless papers & cards; with its strength has held together for over a year, which is much longer than any of my previous wallets could take.

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