Thursday, December 18, 2014

l a c e | c a f é

 Dress, heels & belt from Forever New

It's always a tradition of mine to get a coffee from the nearest café before or after Jysla & I shoot. This time we found a quaint little café before we starting shooting that wasn't even open. Yet I ran across the road, ordered my coffee from elsewhere & sat down here to drink it. Little did I know that a worker was inside mopping the floors & wondering what the heck I was doing there!
I'd also like to note that I don't usually order coffee in such a formal dress but I first wore this dress last year when I signed my marital papers & it holds a place close to my heart. 
Every girl should own a LWD (little white dress) & a lace one with an open back is perfect for Summer, even if you are just sitting at a random place drinking coffee... x

Photos by Jysla Kay
Edits + styling by me

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