Thursday, October 25, 2012


Some of the cute stuff that has just arrived in store! I especially love lilac lace tulle dress-could see myself wearing that with thin strappy heels & chunky crystal earrings. Perfect if one was on a romantical date night? *sigh*
Anyway, here's a little feature I did for the Eclektic Photography newsletter this month on dressing for Summer & some general styling tips-Enjoy!
- How can ladies wear summery outfits without looking like they're not wearing much? 
My favourite way to adapt to Summer is by wearing leggings! You can find them in almost any length, colour & thin enough to 'breathe' through the hot weather. Add your favourite long tops or short Summer dresses to the mix with a statement piece of jewellery & you've go your look! Another favourite if you're in a hurry is a patterned maxi dress & a cute pair of sandals. 
 - What are some upcoming trends? 
A lot of trends that I'm seeing coming through are anything with a peplum shape, sequin details, metallic colours & lots & lots of texture!
- How to get your desired look within a budget?
Look for clothing pieces that are easily interchangeable with the rest of your wardrobe.  A great way to get a great on trend look is by adding different accessories to what you already wear; for example adding a chunky collar necklace to your favourite t-shirt & jeans combo. Buying a new accessory is much easier on the wallet than buying a whole new outfit.

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