Thursday, May 3, 2012

R O C K P O O L.

{Sun Hat from Jeans West, Thrifted Beach Dress, Sportsgirl Tooth Necklace, Diva Bangles & Sportsgirl Sandals}

I love days like this when the lighting of dusk is just perfect, the wind is strong but not cold & the sun warms you up just to the right tempurature. I know I go on a lot about the weather, but it really does affect the look of a photo & most of all my mood. It was a bit of a trip to get down to these rockpools but it really was worth every boulder we had to climb or get around.
Lately, I've been so fond of any material that flows in the wind & this dress is no exception. I call it a mullet dress, but it should sound much more elegant with its frills & shoulder cleavage (hehe). It will be available soon in the Skinny Chili Store & is perfect for a day at the rockpools.

Just an update...
I've been trying to clear off & sell the last of the pieces from the Noir Collection to make room for our new Autumn Collection, with its lookbook coming out any day now! After spending some time sourcing clothes, this will be the first time we will be selling brand new pieces mixed with Vintage. I'm very excited to show you what we'll have in store!
P.S: I'm definitely envying ANYONE who is at Fashion Week right now! I will work towards getting there next year; but for now, at the end of the week I'll be showing you my favourite looks within all the shows.

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