Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend.

 These are a few snaps from over the Easter long weekend that I shared with friends & family. Funnily enough, when I had the chance to rest I became sick with the flu; but not before I ran around in the wind at the beach trying to imitate the people parasailing behind me (most probably the reason I got sick), rolling around in the sand, carving our names into a wharf post, easter egg hunts & watching my gorgeous little cousin scoff down her chocolate eggs!
I'm also obsessing over the Revlon glitter nailposlish in glitz & glam-I've never put so much glitter on my fingernails before! & my Mink Pink singlet (shown above).


  1. Love your blog, and youre so lucky you live near the beach, looks like so much fun!

    Scarr xx